Bandsaw Blade Sharpening: Common Mistakes To Avoid and Maintenance Tips

Let me tell you, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes when it comes to bandsaw blade sharpening over the years. It can be tricky at first, but once you know what common mistakes to steer clear of, you’ll be sharpening like a pro in no time.

First things first – always check that blade tension before you start grinding. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tightened up a dull blade only to end up with wonky uneven teeth after sharpening. Rookie mistake! Take those extra minutes to get the tension just right. Your blades (and your cuts) will thank you.

Here’s another biggie – clean your blade! I used to just slap that dirty blade right onto the sharpening wheel without a second thought. But all that built up gunk does you no favours. Take a wire brush or some solvent to get rid of any debris between sharpening. You’ll get a much more precise edge.

Using the wrong grindstone is an easy trap to fall into too. I learned this one the hard way – different blades need different grit stones. Do a little research to find the right wheels and compounds. Otherwise you might as well be rubbing two bricks together.

And don’t get too eager with that sharpening pressure! It’s really tempting to push extra hard thinking it’ll sharpen faster, but that’s a great way to overheat and ruin a blade. Easy does it. Light, consistent pressure is the trick.

Last mistake that bit me – not checking tooth pitch before sharpening. Nothing more annoying than spending an hour meticulously sharpening only to find the teeth are uneven. Take those couple minutes to identify the TPI and set yourself up for success.

Now that you know what not to do, let’s talk about maintenance. Remember, keeping a sharp blade is just as important as sharpening it in the first place.

First up, clean it after every use. Get rid of any sticky sap or sawdust lingering around the teeth. All that gunk will dull it down in no time. Take care of it now or kick yourself later!

Next up, lube it up! A good blade lube reduces friction and keeps things running cool. I recommend getting some whenever you sharpen. It’s cheap blade insurance.

Don’t forget to inspect it regularly too. Check for any cracked or damaged teeth before they worsen. It takes two minutes but will save you big down the road.

Proper storage is big too. Get a wall-mounted rack or blade case. Keep those teeth safe so they don’t get dinged up between uses. Protect your investment!

And consider investing in a home sharpener if you don’t already have one. Nothing beats the convenience of quickly touching up blades yourself. It’s a time and money saver for sure.

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