Dr David Stager: How To Prevent Strabismus In Adults

Strabismus is the condition wherein one eye is turned, it can create problems with depth perception and lead to headaches, double vision, and other issues. If you’re an adult experiencing some symptoms of strabismus or know someone who does, here are some tips from Dr David Stager on how to prevent this condition.

Wear Glasses If You Have Vision Problems

There are many reasons why people develop eye strabismus, but the best way to prevent it is by getting regular eye exams and wearing glasses if you have vision problems.

You should also avoid sitting near a television or computer screen for long periods of time since this can cause eye strain that could result in strabismus. Finally, use computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices at a comfortable distance from your eyes.

Get Regular Eye Exams

If you have strabismus, your doctor will want to check for other problems, such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. Your eyes may also be tested for defects such as myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness).

During an eye exam, the doctor will look at each of your pupils with a light source and shine it on various objects held up in front of you so that they’re visible only through one eye at a time. This can help determine whether there’s any misalignment between your two eyes when looking at an object straight ahead or slightly off-center.

Avoid Sitting Near A Television Or Computer Screen For Long

Lastly, if you sit near a television or computer screen for long periods, you may be at risk of developing eye strain. Eye strain is a condition that causes headaches and fatigue when you are looking at something in front of your face for too long. Eye strain can also lead to dry eyes, which can be painful and uncomfortable. If left untreated, eye strain can lead to other health problems such as strabismus in adults.

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