Dr Bruce Grossinger: How To Protect Yourself From Injuries In Sports

Sports can be a great way to stay fit, meet new people, and have fun! However, people who are frequently into sports can get injured, which is pretty inevitable in most cases. Whether you get a sprained ankle or pulled ligament, injuries can badly your overall game. But through these steps by Dr Bruce Grossinger, you can effectively prevent any injuries from happening in your sporting events.

Warming Yourself Up

Warming up your body is highly needed in any physical activity, but sadly an often overlooked one. There are many healthy advantages of warming up, which include boosting the blood flow to your muscles, and it can help in preparing for the next game, as well as boosting your flexibility and range of motion to move more easily.

Other than that, warming up regularly can also increase your heart rate, and this is needed so your body can process oxygen better when in a game. This one is highly helpful, especially if you’re just new to exercising or haven’t worked out much before.

Cooling Yourself Down

On the flip side, cooling down helps your heart rate go back to normal, allowing your body to recover more quickly, as well as reducing the risk of getting serious injuries.

But then, how long should you cool down for? As long as it takes to feel like you’re not at risk of injury anymore. This may take a few minutes or more, depending on how intense the game was. But don’t worry about overdoing the cooling down – as you won’t be doing any harm by cooling off too much!

Stretch After Your Practice Or Game

Dr Bruce Grossinger Stretching after your sporting practice or game will help you cool down, prepare for your next sessions, and reduce your muscle soreness. For that, you should stretch at least every other day to keep your muscles well.

You also should not stretch too much, so that you won’t overstretch your muscle groups. If this happens, serious injuries might occur when playing sports. That’s because some muscles may be weaker than others if not used enough recently.

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